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The best PC maintenance app gets an Android port

Piriform Ltd. | 1 more apps |
updated on May 11, 2023


Simple and free to use
Offers many customization options
Many different tools to increase your phone's storage space and boost performance
Analyzes each kilobyte of memory on your phone and provides solutions
Photo Optimizer can compress your photos without losing quality
Put unused apps into hibernation


So many ads
Can feel over the top for most Android users
Users have reported app instability on newer versions of Android
Price: $
Your mobile can get bloated with files and apps and you should take care of them just as you would do with your computer. One of the best maintenance apps for Windows of all time, CCleaner, has made its way to the mobile screen, so let's see if it is as good as the PC version.

CCleaner is available for free on Android. However, there is a $7/year paid version that removes the ads and unlocks some new features. As soon as you open it, you'll get ready for the initial scan of your Android device. There are quite a few things CCleaner takes care of.

First of all, you can improve your device's performance by setting the apps you don't use so often in hibernate mode. You'll still be able to open them but they won't be running in the background. Second of all, CCleaner analyzes your phone's storage and offers to clean the cache and other unnecessary files.

Besides managing your resources, CCleaner provides deep insight into how your phone works, what uses its resources, and what you can do about that. Opening the adviser lets you know if there is storage to free, apps to put into hibernation, or even bad, duplicate or unnecessary photos to get rid of. The App Manager lets you know how much space your apps and their data occupy on your phone. Storage Analyzer displays a useful graph of what uses the most of your storage space and you can easily select any category and delete files that belong to it.

We love the Photo Optimizer option that offers to shrink the size of some of your photos to save space without losing much quality. If you want greater compression, you'll have to switch to the paid version. There are loads of useful data to analyze and CCleaner is definitely more than just the app where you press Clean and your device magically feels as good as new. It's quite advanced when compared to the rest of the Android maintenance apps, much like the PC version.

However, ads that appear inside the app are very intrusive and they cover around half of your screen. Many users have claimed the app often freezes and crashes on newer versions of Android. Maintenance apps for Android phones are still not as necessary as they are for PC but they'll still make a difference, especially if they are as detailed as CCleaner!
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